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Use A Laptop To Write Ebooks

          Don't take it for granted, and use a laptop for writing eBooks. Did you know that every time you write it you create a new business? If you write an ebook about a topic that people love, people will often pay $1500 to $5000 for the rights to sell that book. That means you can write it today and sell it tomorrow for a handsome price! They are mostly sold on the web, so if you are web savvy you'll write a book about something that there are thousands, even millions of web searches about.
For instance, the word "Autism" gets 4 million searches a month online. Someone would be very happy to pay for an electronic book that talks about Autism. By contrast, the phrase "flower garlands," which refers to a craft of weaving flowers together, usually for weddings, has 5,400 searches a month online. It pays to know how many searches a topic is getting before you write such a book.
You can use different keyword tools online to find out which topics are getting many searches and worth writing about. Topics with over 100K searches a month are usually best for writing and selling for this purpose. It can be a good thing when you find someone who wants to buy your site along with such a book.
Examples for buying and selling ebooks
• Write a book that people need, then sell it - my friend wrote a book called "Improve your credit score in 24 hours." It sold for 7 years, mostly by search engine advertising. When sales tapered she sold the book and site to somebody for about $3700, the price of 12 months or so of monthly income. The phrase 'credit score' generates over 500K monthly searches on Google, so this is something that you can say "people need" -- the topic was desirable, so she found a buyer for the book.
• The second way is, to buy the rights, as both the parties can make money. So, write a book and you can sell the rights for others to sell it.
• The third way is to rent an electronic book, as many business people get a monthly income from a marketer that sells their books for a while. Somebody pays something like $1500 a month to you while they market your book through their channels. Nice passive income!
Finding people to buy and sell ebooks
It is an easy task, like you can sell your book (usually with a website to match) on these sites:
• - this is a number one website devoted to buying and selling websites. However, they don't want to deal with copyrights and claims, but you can still sell a website devoted to selling such books.
• - you can easily sell websites on eBay as well, especially if the sale is less than $5,000.
• - this is also a busy site with a whole category for ebook websites that are for sale.
This is how you can better use your laptop for writing ebooks, instead of just playing games or checking emails.
If you need a cheap and latest laptop, you should explore it online; visit, as here you can get cheap gadgets to enhance your business.

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