How to care for laptop batteries so durable and long lasting.


         Good morning, okay this time I will share tips on how to care for laptop batteries to be durable and long lasting. Hopefully my tips will be useful for you all. Go see the tips below:For those of you who have a laptop or a netbook might be wondering how to care for your laptop or netbook batteries that are not easily damaged or durable. Many people who have problems that may be easier on the battery is depleted or unusable. Many factors cause such circumstances occur, for example the lack of care and may also overheat causing termperatur lapotp or netbook battery so quickly exhausted even broken.

Previously I would peel a little bit about the current battery is widely used by laptop or netbook. Types of batteries commonly used today are lithium-ion batteries may have a lot we find anyway to electronic equipment such as mobile phone battery. Unlike NiCd type batteries, Lithium-ion batteries are more durable and environmentally friendly when compared to NiCd batteries are known toxic.

For those of you who may have some problems such as the above the following are some tips or ways that you can apply for your laptop or notebook batteries be durable and long lasting:

1. If the battery is new or first time try to use the contents / normal battery charge and full.

2. Avoid overcharging could make the battery does not last long when used.

3. Charge the battery regularly and order without having to wait until the battery runs out

4. Always keep the battery temperature to prevent overheating

5. Try using coolpad for air circulation remains smooth

6. Avoid using old and if possible remove the battery when using more than 6 hours

7. When not in use keep the battery in a cool place

8. Use software helpers for the performance of laptop battery or your notebook, such as the Battery Care, HP Battery Checker, Baterry Optimizer, etc.

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