HOW TO GET FREE DOLLARS IN CASHFIESTA.COM


   For my friend who did not know about my little Cashfiesta will explain here. Cashfiesta advertising program is one that merely by looking at it we can get the ad dollars. But Cashfiesta not include PTC or PPC advertising. Our job is just enough to run it on our computers. Then just let it go then the dollars will flow itself.
Later there are applications that need to mate to install computer. With the application then you can simply run it without doing anything - anything. Every 6 seconds, we will get 1 point. Each of us get 1000 points then we can trade for U.S. $ 1,666. And after reaching the minimum PO is about U.S. $ 50 then you are able to withdraw requests. Withdraw the process can be done via Paypal or Cheque mate. Withdraw button itself will appear automatically between 1-15 if my friend has met a minimum PO.
It is not very easy. While surfing ria we still can get dollar coins without doing anything - anything. Buddy you need to consider is try to get people (Fiesta Boy) in the application FiestaBar always running. For if Fiesta Boy at rest or sit the points buddy will stop anyway

Sometimes if none of advertising appearing or friend connections slow then the Fiesta Boy will be in a sitting position or stationary. All you need to do is buddy buddy place the mouse pointer to the Fiesta Boy then just click the Fiesta Boy earlier.

Well, after my friend already understand the working principles of Cashfiesta, then please use the following trick that point my friend can run fast. and that too depends on the internet connection mate. Because sometimes when the connection is slow then FiestaBar application will restart itself.

1. If my friend Cashfiesta not have an account please REGISTER HERE

Proof of payment "Cashfiesta" 2005 - 2007


Now he's on is evidence of partial payment of "Cashfiesta" So do not hesitate to register soon while there is still free ...........
Maybe there are some people who say cashfiesta Scam, it is because they have no patience to wait for his first payout because not peruse the rules of the program, so cashfiesta directly verdict scam. therefore in need patience in following this program and for colleagues who are less impatient better step back and do not need to register ....
Let's not doubt soon the list will not lose wong FREE ...

For the proof of payment in 2012 followed, as check still on the way to Indonesia. .. hehehehe

Greetings from my success. bye ...

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