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Definition Of Onerous With Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms And Derivation

A concise definition of onerous is: troublesome, oppressive, imposing a burden, having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages.

           The English word 'onerous' comes from the Latin onus meaning burden. It can be compared to and is akin to a Sanskrit word anas meaning cart or wagon.
Synonyms of onerous include: irksome, crushing, harsh, oppressive, heavy, grievous, severe.
Some antonyms are: easy, soft, light.

Sentence Examples

Insert the word "onerous" into the blanks below:
1. New __ legislation has put extreme pressure on small business owners.
2. After her mother died, she had the __ responsibility of caring for her three younger siblings.
3. The day we moved into the new house we had the __ task of clearing blocked drains.
4. After the novelty wore off, he found the repetitive nature of the work to be quite __.
5. Many believe the __ terms of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 was a contributing factor leading to World War II.
6. The price increases will be especially __ for the elderly or those on fixed incomes.
7. He gave his brother ten years in which to repay the loan, hardly an onerous deadline.
8. She loves cooking but always finds the job of cleaning the kitchen afterwards quite __.
9. Many in the government felt the austerity measures were less __ than the consequences of defaulting on the loan.
10. Whenever there is an onerous task to perform, it seems my name always comes up in the mind of my boss.
11. She tried to spare her young daughter the __ responsibility of testifying in court.
12. The unions and management were able to hammer out an agreement that was neither __ nor unreasonable for either side.
13. The job itself was well paid but the travelling became a little __ after time.
14. With these __ rental terms, new tenants are going to be hard to find.
15. With the mother holding her fractious son down, the barber clenched his teeth and started the __ task of cutting the child's hair.
16. As the garden had been neglected for over six months, the weeding took many hours and proved to be the most __ task.

Vocabulary and How You Are Perceived

As soon as you open your mouth, you leave an impression with your hearer. Within a few seconds they can make a judgment or come to a conclusion about your education, background, social standing, competence, etc. While it is not good to judge on first appearances, this does seem to be a human habit.

It is a sound investment of time and energy therefore to constantly improve one's vocabulary. Some observers believe an extensive knowledge of the English language with a clear understanding of words and how to use them, is a major contributing factor to success in a business or career.
The task of acquiring this knowledge need not be onerous! Just a few minutes a day, examining words you can practically use in every day speech can yield rich rewards. Hopefully this article explaining the definition of onerous has whetted your appetite to continue.



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