Why Investing In Stage Equipment For Schools Is A Good Idea

         In the current economic climate, publicly owned institutions such as schools are under increasing pressure to cut their budgets and provide taxpayers with the most value for their money.
For many, these budget cuts have come in the form of cutting back on certain topics and trimming the number of staff teaching at a certain institution. Obviously both of these measures can badly affect the reputation of a school and how well it operates but both have unfortunately become necessary in some cases.

However, severe cutbacks aren't the only way to bring budgets into line and start producing surplus cash. In fact, spending a bit of money in the short term can actually lead to major financial gains in the long term. While they aren't necessarily the easiest investments to get approved, they are by far the most beneficial to your students and those who use the school.
One of the subject areas most affected by cutbacks is performance, particular drama and theatre studies. However, this subject is arguably the one that can be monetised most successfully. How? Through investing in stage equipment.

Stage equipment, such as lighting and sound systems, forms the basis of any good performance space but unfortunately, it can come at quite at a cost. This leads many schools to neglect it entirely but this is to the detriment of students, who benefit from learning how lighting and sound can affect performance in a professional performance environment.
Investing in stage equipment can also be of benefit to students who don't study drama, providing them with a performance space in which to express themselves. A performance space can also be used as an assembly room for mass gatherings of students, as well as a space in which to hold special events for students. It can even be used, with proper care, for indoor sports!
You may be wondering at this point that while stage equipment is obviously of great benefit to students, how on earth can you make money from it? The answer is actually quite simple. Those dramatic and musical performances you've been putting together and rehearsing with your students during school hours? You can put them as actual shows and charge money for them!
But surely only devoted friends and family would attend these shows? Well, that's where your stage equipment comes in. Professional stage equipment can transform a good show into a great show; the sort of show people unassociated with the school would be willing to pay good money to watch.
You might also find that a lot of people from outside of your school would be interested in using your professional space for rehearsals and performances, such as local theatre groups and musicians. For the pleasure of using your performance space, you can charge these groups either base fee or an hourly rate. If there's a lot of interest, you might make the cost of your equipment back sooner than you think!

So stage equipment for schools; there's a high initial outlay but the potential for massive income! So rather than making damaging cuts, why not consider investing in quality stage lighting and sound instead?


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