At this time the technology is getting advanced and rapidly. Among the technology that is the Internet. The Internet is a tool that can provide any information that we want, it's all on the internet ranging from news, pictures, porn sites though easy to obtain. How to access it was easy, everyone could do it, not even teenagers and minors.But what is regrettable is the impact of internet use mainly among teenagers and minors. One is the easy access to porn sites or adult sites, there are so many videos and pictures should not be viewed by young children especially minors. In those days, teenagers or children under the age often imitate what they see or hear, therefore porn sites very negative impact at all for them.It can be seen some negative impact on teenagers internet and children under the age of which is that they've started dating, not only that they had dared to do adult scenes like kissing to petting. That's all most of them examples of the internet, and do not be surprised if today many young people who fall into the MBA (maried by Accident).II. DISCUSSION


Know many things about the Internet, we know the world is the same. What we need to understand is that there are in this world who live not things positive, but also negative things in dalamya. Due to a wide range of information available on the internet. So the benefits provided for us is great, but depending on how we treat our information we get it.1. Positive ImpactThe impact of internet usage is certainly very helpful. Which primarily and foremost is our insight that was once tight become widespread thanks to the internet. Then ease in studying the various sciences that was once considered expensive and can not be found to be young to learn. Besides the benefits and impact of the study caused the Internet as follows:1. Internet as a communication medium, is a function of the most widely used internet where any internet user can communicate with other users from around the world.2. Media data exchange, using email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web / network web sites) Internet users around the world to exchange information quickly and cheaply.3. Media to seek information or data, the rapid development of Internet, making www as one important source of information and accurate.4. Ease of getting information on the Internet so that people know what is happening.5. Can be used as a land information to the field of education, culture, and others.6. Ease trade and business in the areas of trade, so no need to go to the place offers / sales.2. Negative ImpactDamage to young people today because they can not control their lives. The Internet offers the broadest possible liberty for young kids surfing and berselami. The Internet allows you wherever you want to go, and even allow you to open various websites that bad (porn) for download and watching. In this case the freedom you tested, whether it'll ruin your life or freedom would be to direct and provide important lessons fatherly development of learning skills. In this case you decide the direction of your life. Is life like ransacked with crappy websites on the internet, or you prefer to avoid. There are some negative effects that can be caused from the use of the internet, such as;PornographyAssumption that the Internet is identical with pornography, it is not wrong. With the ability to deliver information possessed internet, pornography was
reign. For anticipation of this, the browser manufacturers equip their programs with the ability to choose the kind of home-page that can be accessed. On the internet there are images of pornography and violence can result in a boost to a person to act.Violence and goreToo much cruelty and sadism displayed. Because the business and the content on the internet is not limited to, the owner of the site using all sorts of ways to sell their sites. Showing one with the things that are taboo.FraudIt is indeed rampant in any field. Internet was not immune from attack fraudsters. The best way is to ignore it or confirm the information that you get the information provider.CardingBecause of its real time (live), how to shop using credit cards is the most widely used in the Internet world. Internet criminals even the most committed crimes in this field. With the open nature, the criminals were able to detect the existence of transactions (using credit card) on-line and record the card code used. To further their use of the data they get for their evil purposes.GamblingAnother effect is the widespread gambling. With the available networks, the gamblers do not have to go anywhere special to fulfill his wish. You just need to avoid the site like this, because gambling sites are generally not aggressive and require a lot of approval from the visitors.1. Reducing the social nature of human beings because they tend to prefer to connect via the Internet rather than meet in person (face to face).2. From the nature of social change can lead to changes in the patterns of interaction.3. Crimes such as cheating and stealing to do on the internet (crime also changes).4. Can make a person addicted, especially those involving pornography and can spend the money as it is only to serve the addiction.III. CONCLUSION

So it is expected for parents they nurturing and guidance, so that they are well behaved so as to maintain the good name of the family.Internet is very necessary to improve education for students, but we must always actively supervise the use of the internet for students under age.Actually, we can reduce the negative impact of the internet by restricting or blocking a few websites that contain things that are not useful, so the Internet safer for all people, especially to create an Internet that is safe for the students, as well as prevent your computer from websites that contain viruses and spyware .



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