"The impact of the internet for remaja2 Presentation Transcript"

1. Internet (Interconnected Networks) is a computer network that connects computers to each other around the world where there is a lot of information in it. Internet provides many positive impacts with information in them, but on the other hand the internet also has a negative impact because of information found on the Internet is difficult to be limited, a variety of information in different forms and mixed into a single destination where to access them just need to enter some keyword only.

2. The computer is one of the highly sophisticated electronic media. In the program there is a computer with internet. Because the Internet is a computer program can be operated. In fact almost everyone is using computers as a means of operating the internet program. Internet is also no less sophisticated as the ingredients themselves. Lately it internet that more developed. Millions of people use the internet for a variety of needs, from personal, organizational, up for official use, as judged this internet more practical. In our beloved country have started many schools who use the Internet as an important tool in the learning activities. With the increasing number of internet users especially in the use of word wide web and e mail, they are increasingly integrated with sophisticated programs. For them the internet be part of his life, as they get along with their clothes.

3. If used correctly, the Internet can provide great benefits. The Internet provides a sea of ​​information in the form of books, journals, articles and other writing, as well as video, the collection exceeds any conventional library. The number of Internet users in Indonesia based on data / adplanner per May 2010 has reached 38 million people. For in Asia, Indonesia in the top 5 most Internet users along with China, Japan, India and South Korea. Users of social networking services Facebook in Indonesia also shows a high concentration, which recorded more than 26 million users. The agency services according to site, a number of sites that provide services to share information and collaborate experiencing a rapid increase in visitors from Indonesia. Call in addition to Facebook, there's Blogspot service (, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter and Multiply all of which are in the top 20 most visited sites of Indonesia. Even some of them had already entrenched in the top 5 as blogspot and Facebook.

4. Apart from the impact of the Internet, the Internet is a new communications technology that allows users to obtain information. Nowadays internet usage rapidly increasing, the majority of people in the world have been using this internet sophistication for various needs, ranging from the personal, organizational, to the office, because the use of the Internet is considered more practical and efficient. Influence of the Internet is huge. To the extent that has affected people's lifestyles. Today almost no one escape the influence of the internet, and even now the government was also utilizes sophisticated Internet to convey information to the public, such as information about the city, to promote tourism, e-ID cards, etc.. The world of education is one field that utilizes the Internet for the purpose of improving the quality of an educational institution. Education is the holder of an important role in the progress of a nation, for the world of education is to print the next generation. Internet can be said to be a virtual library that stores a variety of science in it. Internet can be used as an alternative source of knowledge.

5. In the use of the internet, the young ranked first. Internet has become part of their lifestyle. Almost every youth activity is influenced by the Internet, ranging from the use of social networking to their education.

6. 1. As a medium that can help them find the information to complete school assignments. The Internet provides information that can be used as a reference for the tasks of school.2. As an alternative source of knowledge. Various science from science to the public until there is a formal education in internet.3. As a means of light entertainment through movies, games, music etc.. to simply remove the saturation of the task, subjects in school.

7. 4. Looking for new friends or just communicating with friends through social networks, like facebook, tweeter, blogs, etc.. Social networks can also be used by students to discuss long distance to complete the task of school.5. Looking for information about the new things that are popular or teens like, K-POP, suffle dance, basketball, etc.. It can make teens to channel their talents in the field of non-akademis.6. Looking for information about their idol. Information they can motivate them to learn. Without such an idol may live aimlessly for teenagers, they need someone who can make them motivated to be useful for the generation of the nation, because the teenager is still in the development phase.

8. 7. Teens become more creative. Internet can be one means to channel their creativity, such as writing fiction and in post on a blog, etc.8. They are not clueless about computers (technology illiterate). They can keep up with the times and technology are almost entirely using internet. 9. Internet as a means of learning the business. Not a few teenagers who currently use the internet as a means of doing business, such as buying and selling online, creation and management of websites that provide a reference for the assignment of students, etc.. And there are many more benefits of the Internet for adolescents, because the Internet is a technology that provides information without limitation, the benefits are also comparable.

9. Internet is a technological product. A product would provide negative and positive impacts. Or positif negative impact can be felt by everyone, including students. Positive or negative impact of the Internet for students of course result from the way that Internet use the Internet as a media liaison self. using fast paced it is not easily separated from the our life .  kinds of communication problems can be solved by the internet. Positive and negative impacts of the Internet for student certainly not present. Should have a positive impact to be greater, if that's true how to use the internet. Positive and negative effects for students its not absolute. Assessment lies in what is perceived as personal. However, in general it can be concluded about the harm or negative impact for Internet

10. NEGATIVE IMPACT: asocial most common negative effects experienced by students is the tendency to be more comfortable communicating through the internet rather than in person. He will feel a closeness with the object communication via the internet, rather than communicating directly. This will bring a sense of asocial that makes a student "self isolate". There is a positive impact of proximity students with the Internet, which can get to know the ins and outs of the Internet with a good, but ultimately will be detrimental if a student feel more comfortable dealing with inanimate objects rather than dealing with humans. Becomes less sharp sense of emotion and as a result is not sensitive to the environment.

11. NEGATIVE IMPACT: ANNOYING HEALTH internet negative impact for students are eye health, too much sitting and neurological disorders due to too frequent hand typing and clicking a mouse. Bodies work more on things that are repeated will cause negative impacts. Too often in front of the screen to connect to the internet causing organ fatigue and affect the function of these organs gradually. In addition there is the possibility of a crime which ease the impact of the internet. At first only the identity theft and the sale of counterfeit goods were intended to deceive and then spread to other crimes such as robbery motive. This can happen after the victim knows the address of the internet or social networking.

12. NEGATIVE IMPACT: PORNOGRAPHY There was closest to the internet and very negative, ie pornography. Pornography is a very vulnerable place on the internet. The resulting negative impact can be seen directly in the space that is not too long. For the teenager who is still unstable, they will consider the action he saw pornography via the internet is natural thing. That is the cause of many sexually misbehaving teens today, considering they get sex education from sources that are misleading.

13. Positive and negative impacts are always there, especially on the internet for students. This shows the imperfection of human work. As an internet user, and as a person educated, students should know about the negative and the positive impact that is expected to be a good pick for him. Armed with knowledge about the negative impact of the Internet to students, the students should be more wise in using the internet.



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