KUMPULAN ARTIKEL BAHASA INGGRIS 8 Professionals Who Can Benefit The Most From An Online Degree


8 Professionals Who Can Benefit The Most 

From An Online Degree

                    It's true that online degree programs are becoming quite popular these days. And it's also true that the standard of education and quality of faculty for these programs is also at par with that offered at traditional universities and colleges.
 Given the immense popularity, convenience, flexibility of studying and flexibility of tuition payment, many people are acknowledging and opting to pursue a degree via the online route. But for some people, an online education is a great solution to the dilemma they may be facing about getting a degree. Here's a list of eight people for whom distance learning programs are totally worth it.

1. Professionals Looking for Career Advancement

In many careers, a higher degree is the usual rung to move up the progression ladder. For example, for many jobs related to management, such as human resources managers, prefer candidates with a master's degree for higher level positions. For people wishing to get that higher degree, but not having the time or financial resources to do so, advancing their careers with online degrees is a great idea.

2. People Wishing to Specialize in their Careers

Someone may be in their dream job or career, but the quest for intellectual advancement and greater learning may propel them to seek further specialization in their field. Take the case of a finance professional with an undergraduate degree in management or economics; in order to specialize in corporate finance, he/ she can opt for a master's in corporate finance at an online college, without having to leave his/ her job.

3. Those Seeking a Career Change

Exploring new careers with online degrees is a practical and pragmatic approach. Many professions are becoming quite popular these days because of good job prospects and better employment opportunities. Nursing is one such field. For people wishing to move to a completely different career like nursing, for which basic associate's or bachelor's degrees are a must entry-level requirement, studying as an online student is a great idea.

4. People who lost Their Jobs Recently

In these recessionary times, everyone knows someone who has been laid off or whose employer companies have closed down. For the recently unemployed, this may actually be an opportunity to contemplate over their career goals and work towards those. For many, this may mean taking up an online degree for a different career. For yet others, this is a good time to seek further studies for seeking better jobs in future. With flexible payment options and the relatively low cost, online programs are an economical solution if your income stream has recently been cut off.

5. Active Job Seekers

There are many of us who are not in the labor force yet, but actively looking for the perfect career opportunity. And when one is hunting for the best job out there, polishing up the resume can go a pretty long way. What could be better than getting an advanced degree in the field of your choice while you are exploring various opportunities around? The flexibility of study schedules will mean you may take up your dream job if it's offered, without having to discontinue your studies.

6. Working Moms

Being a mom can be quite time-consuming, and if one has a job at the same time, going to college for further studies would seem like an idea best left at the side. However, the option of distance learning programs means even women with children wishing to move up the professional ladder or seeking to work in a different field can have fulfilling careers with online degrees. They can tailor their studies according to their family and work life, striking the perfect balance between the three.

7. Stay-at-Home Moms

Attending to your kids 24 hours a day, seven days a week is, indeed, a full-time job. But after a few years of doing so, many women may want to join the professional world but find that they do not have the requisite education for doing so. With the responsibility of looking after their children still there, going to college every day at a set time may not seem workable. For these moms, an online degree program will be an ideal solution to balancing their family life and education.

8. Budding Entrepreneurs

Some like working for others. And there are many others who want to be their own bosses. But handling one's own enterprise takes additional skill and expertise. If one is wishing to start their own venture, or currently engrossed in a recent start-up, acquiring skills via distance education is an efficient solution. For instance, graphic designers working on their own can benefit from an online master's in graphic designing from an accredited online college.


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