Actually what do you do when you feel attracted to a woman being single when in a place? Are you going to run and hide? Do you just stand and think of the right thing to say? In fact many men who lose the opportunity, which is when he met with the woman who made him quite irritated.

Most men are stuck with too much thinking about what to say. They believe that there is a magic word that can work well in all situations. The men train themselves with the right words, and hope that the opening words are able to make women attracted to him. Unfortunately, this type of approach is rarely successful because the situation is irrelevant. And to attract the attention of a woman is talking about the confidence that you show in the woman.

There are 10 effective ways that you can do to approach single women.

1. Smart Situation in Observing the Environment

Start a conversation directly related to the environmental situation. Suppose you see a woman in the Mall and you feel attracted to him, then look at what he did at that time. Call it her choose the type of T-Shirt, then you have to ask is type T-Shirt that is a trend recently, or any other matters relating to the T-Shirt.

2. Smile of Pure (Natural Smile)

Smiling shows a friendly attitude and confident. Smile is very good for yourself and others for being able to create an atmosphere that is quiet, comfortable and openness in the interaction. This smile is the main requirement in building a good relationship.

3. Eliminate attitude Hesitates

Approach women with confidence, and show her that you are the person who knows what she wants even if in just 3 seconds. After that you can leave him out of that place.

4. The Positive Body Language

If you approach a woman with a bent and head bowed down, you are actually sending negative information about yourself, which makes you lose before the war. Try standing up straight, with shoulders back and chest up, and walk with a relaxed and calm.

5. Not Too Fast

If you run too fast, you may be able to trigger the internal alarm. Relax bro ..., approaches loose (relaxed without mental load) is usually the best way to make her feel comfortable with your presence.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

Do not ever be the first to break the eye contact. If you do so, it indicates that you are sending the message that you feel comfortable and calm in her. If you use strong eye contact, he will feel more attracted to you. To master this technique, you have to practice it, especially on a cool eye, and avoid eye contact ways that seem scary or fierce.

7. The Good Listeners

Make sure you take care to pay attention to what he says. Women love men who pay attention to the details of what he said. Women are more quickly lost his good mood when you do not pay attention to details behave like words.

8. Do not Fidget

Restless when you're interacting with it very disturbing and shows that you feel uncomfortable. So the women also feel cranky and will shut down communication. Notice the movement of your body, not to look stiff or looks nervous, set the frequency of your remarks, not to look nervous.

9. Relieve Tone of Voice

Tone of your voice is a very powerful tool to attract women. Approached him with a light tone and rhythm were regular voice is one of the best ways to start interaction.

10. Respecting Boundaries comfort

If a man who is being approached too seriously can make a woman feel uncomfortable. A better approach is to talk about things that light, a little joking and do not meddle in private affairs. You have to respect his space, its boundaries, and try him feel good about themselves.


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