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 "Five years ago I was living in Japan, working in one of the company's stock," said the lover. He can tell you in great detail how life in Japan, but when you want to see proof of her pictures, she does not want to show with a lot of reasons.

"I'm a rich kid, but my family apart. Actually I got a lot of heritage, but I do not want to rely on it alone," he said confidently. But when you ask him to get acquainted with his family, he refused the million reasons that sometimes does not make sense.

All people never lie, but do not ignore the lies that convinced odd lie or delusion that a person, let alone a girlfriend or lover. This time
i will introduce you to one of the named Mythomania psychiatric disorders.

The lie Unconscionable

Mythomania is a person does not lie with the purpose of deceiving others. Mythomania impaired people will make themselves believe the lies that he made is real. What distinguishes the ordinary is Mythomania with lies .. Mythomania patients often do not realize that he actually lied and told delusion that exists in his head.

Mythomania Patients usually lie outside of awareness. They usually lie to get recognition by others. They will create a fantasy story or lie to help themselves 'escape' from reality and accepted by others. Unlike the usual lies that make a person look stiff and uncomfortable while lying, people Mythomania very astute and convincing when telling stories, as if indeed that is his life.

Careful Relationships With Men Mythomania

Why is this article we put in the category of Love? Because so many women are stuck with men with Mythomania. In order not to become a victim, here's the characteristics of men with Mythomania:

1.    Often exaggerate the story and the story of his life.
2.   Often makes the story that he was a victim (broken home parents, often tortured, sick and so on).
3.    Always wants to be noticed, because they often vary the story to keep your trust.
4.    Often they look charming and wow when first met, but later, the lies began to smell.
5.    Often caught lying, but did not recognize and re-tell the myriads of reasons for you to believe.
6.    Hide himself, not allowing others to see your ID and photos often do not want to introduce a         friend or family.
7.   Most often a relationship / dating long distance. There may once have been met, but the relationship is more often via telephone, BBM, SMS, email and so on.

To Not Stuck Together Men Mythomania

No one wants to be lied, let alone many times the actual jauuuuh fantasy from reality. In order not to get stuck in this relationship, consider these things:

1.    Be careful with the relationship / distance relationship with someone who you know is not real.
2.   Beware of the man who often tells the suffering of life, such as severe pain or come from abusive families.
3.    Carefully WAH fascinated with the story, he was a successful businessman, had wealth, lived abroad and so on. Moreover, if he can not show proof of an image or story of support from people who knew him.
4.    Often caught lying but always denied it and told others to convince you (and he's back lying).
5.    Often refused even do not want to introduce you to the family or close friends, and often do not want to show their identity with a myriad of compelling reasons.

Mythomania sufferers are people who suffer from psychiatric disorders are themselves often do not realize it. They need to get rid of mental health professionals. Therefore, if you stuck a relationship like this, it might be wise, will continue or disconnect.

Spread this article so that friends and sisters you are not stuck Mythomania relationships with men.



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