How to keep long-distance love affair

" How to keep long-distance love affair "

Logically that long-distance love relationship was not an obstacle to achieving happiness. At first the relationship of love and affection it also comes from a place / home for example different relationship between a guy and a girl Semarang Jakarta. So in a long distance relationship is more important is to communicate quality as well as possible. Distance love affair could have happened because they work demands, the demands of study / learning and it also is a sacrifice that must be required to understand each other against all circumstances. So below I will write about how to maintain long-distance love affair in order to stay in touch with tenderness, as well.

Mutually realized they were lovers
That is the most important thing is each other and realize that your lover you are far from each other is a pair of lovers who love each other. With such awareness, and both will be able to guard yourself from all that could make liver injury between the couple.

Good communication
In today's increasingly sophisticated communication using a variety of media whatsoever there. There is no reason to connect long-distance love, so it can still appreciate, and cherish compassion really exist. But also have to find the right time to communicate, for example, do not do communication work, at midnight or at the time that if it interrupt him.

Do not test fidelity with a painful thing
Testing the fidelity of the painful things for example in the media / social media by way of looking for trouble just to test the fidelity, for example, also by means of a caper / action whose purpose is to test the loyalty to him, should always be aware that you already have a lover.

Keeping the relationship of the third
The third person can make a relationship to be fucked even a relationship could break up because of a third person when the actual intention not to seek a new one. So how to avoid his form the third person? how to limit the association to engage or make friends with other friends, especially the sex, let alone go out with any state in both. Avoid friends who confide with any other kind of problem because it must relate to the emotions and feelings that can interfere with long-distance love affair with a lover.

Do not forget to pray for the relationship
Prayer is also important in a relationship let alone a long distance relationship that relationship is eternal, lasting until the end of the period. When to pray? prayer was done not only when the prayer time, pray but also to be done anytime, every time as the prayer that hopefully will make the relationship grow forever eternal and immortal.

Jealously guarding
Usually people say that jealousy is a sign of love, a sign of affection but the unreasonable jealousy can actually cause a virus in a love relationship. For handling his jealousy it is important to limit the association, by limiting communication with the opposite sex. Do not do anything that is not liked by boyfriend, told close friends that she is your girlfriend.


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