A. Preliminary 

There are several terms that should be explained before the point before we continue our discussion of this paper canopy. The first one is a teacher. That is a job as a teacher. So he is one of the work (profesion) as well as the work of others in the community such as accountants, doctors, counseling, kejuruteraan, commerce and so forth. Working as a teacher, he is subject to various conditions that apply to the work of others, such as a code of ethics and so on. The second is the ethical code rules agreed upon by the experts in the particular employment practice such as accountants, doctors, counseling and so on. Third, the values ​​that accompany each work is like giving perkhidmatan the best to the customers and so on. These are all values. The fourth practice, all work is concerned with the practice. Because every job holder is called pengamal (practitioner) in a particular field such as accountants, doctors, counseling and others. But before it came to practice, work values ​​that must be lived (intemalized) first, which brings us to the last aspect of the paper, that appreciation. Fifth appreciation, the appreciation of the values. If science like mathematics, medicine and others studied, the values ​​such as sincerity, honesty, dedication and the others lived. If you want more dipertegaskan this paper were expected to answer the question of how to guide the Islamic education teachers in order to live the values ​​contained in the teacher ethics. By the way let us deal first below whether the teacher ethics.
B. Teaching Purposes Intended to convey the actual teaching of science edict, giving encouragement, counsel, provide and improve skills, increase confidence, cultivate values ​​of pure and noble to students who do not know. He is not just convey intimation or instructional materials in a classroom. more mendukacitakan again if the teaching process is considered merely convey intimation and spend a predetermined manner of measure lessons in the curriculum. Teaching process has a very broad concept, it aims to make it more accountable individual person and his thoughts menjana able to continue to be happy and prosper address will cabaran faced. This will only be achieved if only the process of teaching and learning that is done to reach the stage of teaching impressive.
C. Who is the teacher? Recognized as a person who teaches teachers. The words of the teacher is the combined result of the two syllables 'Gur' and 'Ru'. In the Java language, Gu taken gugu meaningful than words when Ru is believed to be taken rather than intending to imitate words should be followed or modeled. Thus, a person may intend GURU imitated his words, his actions, his behavior, his clothes, deeds and believed to be intended keamanahan which accounted for him to do to be honest.
D. Role and Tasks of Teaching Every teacher should know their roles and duties in detail if they want to try to perform and produce a memorable teaching. Among the duties of a teacher is to 1. delivering science 2. convey intimation 3. deliver and 4. provide skills and 5. fostering the values ​​of pure and noble as those mentioned above. When the role of the teacher is also a mentor, educator, reformer, and an exemplary example, searchers and investigators, advisors and councilors, and pereka creators, storytellers and performers, penggalak and stimulants, pengilham ideals, administrators and designers, evaluators, observers, rakan and fellow students, doctoral and pengubat, power amplifier, the clue giver authoritative and so on. Clearly demonstrated that being a teacher is a role assignment and somewhat heavy. Actually, if you think it's heavy duty, then the thick of it. If you accept it as a cabaran in a positive way, then it is easy he is.
E. Definition of Profession Profession comes from the Latin "Proffesio" which has two terms, namely the promise / pledge and work. When the means are made in a broader sense: the "what" and "who" to earn a living is done with a certain Keah-lian. While the profession in the strict sense means the activities undertaken by a particular expertise and also demanded the implementation thereof social norms well. Teacher Position As A Profession. Professorship can be said to be a profession for becoming a teacher required a certain skill (teaching, managing the classroom, teaching design) and from this work one can have a living for the next life. This applies equally to other work. But the next trip, why the teaching profession to be different from other jobs. According to the article "The Limit of Teaching proffesion," including the teaching profession into a particular profession than doctors, lawyers, priests. Specificity is that intrinsically occurs in a form of human services or community. The person running this profession should realize that he is living out of her, it was right, and he and his family had to live but the nature of the profession demands that instead of living life that is the main motivation, but his willingness to serve others. On the other hand, the teaching profession is also referred to as a noble profession. In this case, we need to realize that a teacher in carrying out his profession demanded the nobility and high morals. They (teachers) in emergency aid also considered mandatory without a suitable reward. Or in other words the essence of devotion to humanity is a noble profession.
F. Two Principles of Professional Ethics Luhur Basic demands of professional ethics of the first noble profession it is to be executed unconditionally. Dr.. B. Kieser wrote: "The whole of science and business just for the good of the patient / client. According to the beliefs of people and according to the rules of the group (noble profession), the professional shall devote their keahlinan solely to the interests they serve, without counting its own advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, in all of professional ethics, basic mental defect of a profes-sional is that he put his own interests above the interests of the client. " The second is that the implementers this noble profession should have a handle or guidelines are adhered to and required by the members of the profession, so that the client's trust is not abused. Next thing we know as the code of conduct. Given the function of the code, then the noble profession requires people to carry out their duties under any circumstances uphold the demands of his profession. The conclusion was that the professorship is also a profession. However, this profession is not the same as the professions in general. Even be said that the teaching profession is a noble profession specific. Those who choose this profession shall regretting and realizing that the thrust of the work is the desire to serve others and to execute and uphold the code of ethics he had made, not merely in terms of sheer material.
G. Demands A Teacher Above mentioned about why the teaching profession as a special and noble profession. Here will be described on two demands that teachers should be selected and implemented in an effort to mature students. The demands are: 1. Students develop a vision of what is good and to develop students' self esteem. 2. Develop a common potential can behave so critical of the choices. In concrete terms the students were able to take the decision to determine what is good or not good. If a teacher makes in the lives of his job as principal of which met the demands that occur in students is a concept of human development towards what is good and is an exclusive. The point is that the concept of what a good man just developed from the point of view of the existing ones in the students so that accommodated both universal concept. In this case, the students are not taught that in order to understand what is a good starting point not only to the students themselves, but need to understand the concept of other people or the environment so close to the possibility of the emergence of a shared vision (group) would be a good thing. In contrast to the first goal, the second goal emphasizes the ability and the role of the environment in determining what is good not only on themselves but also on others as a result. On the other hand, teachers prepare students to carry out their freedom in developing a vision of what is good in concrete with a full sense of responsibility at the center of social life that will eventually forming a child's sense of justice and a sense of good. Teachers' commitment to teaching in order to achieve the purpose of teaching a second further elaborated that the teacher should have a loyalty to what is determined by the institution (school). The next school will organize teachers, teaching and the student experience so that the teaching-learning process is going well and that does not happen malfeasance. However, schools also need to provide freedom for teachers to develop, varying, creativity in planning, making and evaluating something good process (teachers have autonomy). It becomes necessary for a professional in his work. The general public can also assist teachers in the process of teaching and learning activities. This is possible because people take responsibility for the 'process' of the students. Society can make suggestions, criticism for institutions (schools). Institutions (schools) may be considering or using public input to develop education but the institution (school) or the teacher must not act in accordance with the will of the people because it causes loss of teacher professionalism and autonomy of institutions (schools) or teacher. Thus, an understanding of the vision of the work in accordance with the moral ethics of the profession need to be understood so that the demands are given to teachers not regarded as a burden but rather a vision to be achieved through the process of teacher learning. Teachers need to be given autonomy to develop and achieve these demands.
H. Teaching ethics Actual code of ethics at work are traits or characteristics of vocational, scientific and Aqeedah to be possessed by a pengamal for success in its work. Again more striking characteristics is clearly at work teacher. From the Islamic point of view, so that a Muslim was successful stints dipikulkan to him by God the first time in the Islamic community and beyond in the community antarabangsa then the teacher must have the following properties: 1. That purpose, behaviors and thoughts received God's guidance (Rabbani), as mentioned by surah al-Imran, verse 79, "But be ye Rabbani (God's guidance)". 2. That he has the scientific preparation, vocational and cultural sciences pengkhususannya menerusi like geography, Islamic sciences and world cultures in areas pengkhususannya. 3. That he was sincere in the work of education and Islamic treatise with the aim of seeking keredhaan Allah and seek the truth and implement. 4. Have the ability to get closer to the edicts and the disciples thought he was patient to deal with problems that arise. 5. That he was correct in terms of the truth didakwahkannya and mark it is their own behavior, in order to influence the lives of his students and other community members. Such as the meaning of a hadith the Prophet SAW, "Faith is not hope and ornate but reassured with the heart and prove to the charity". 6. That he was flexible in diversify-Siwak Siwak Siwak teaching using appropriate for a particular atmosphere. It requires teachers to be prepared in terms of bahawa professional and psychological good. 7. That he has a strong and capable sahsiah guide students in the desired direction. 8. That he will be made aware of these influences and global trends that could affect the generation and in terms of aqidah and their thinking. 9. Bahawa it is unfair to the students, not favoritism, he put that right. Such as the meaning of the word Allah in Surah al Maidah verse 8, "Do not be influenced by the state so that you're not a people unjust. Doing is unfair, because that is closer to piety. Bertaqwalah to Allah, for Allah is Aware of what you do ". This is the most important qualities that should be possessed by a Muslim teacher on which the process of providing that teachers should be fostered. Educational books have also provided general characteristics of a teacher, traits that are not expelled, and the properties and the following aspects: 1. Stage of scientific achievements 2. General knowledge and breadth of reading 3. Intelligence and speed of thought 4. Mental balance and emotional stability 5. Optimism and enthusiasm in the work 6. Strength sahsiah 7. Maintaining the appearance (mazhar) 8. Positive and optimistic spirit 9. Bahawa sure he has a treatise (message) From the above discussion it is clear bahawa a Muslim teacher has not sake only role in the school, but also outside it. By the way also had to prepare for school and outside of school. Then this setup should also be shared by teacher preparation institutions such as education and faculty-faculty college Maktab-Maktab together with the Muslim community itself, so that it produces teachers are teachers who are pious, led to an improvement (Muslih), giving and received instructions to broadcast educational treatise of Islam. Instructions (guidance) of Islam inside and outside is because the purpose of education in Islam to shape generations of Muslims who understand and menyedari treatise on life and implement this treatise earnest and trustworthy and they have also menyedari bahawa kewajipan to Allah SWT and they must do it in earnest and sincere. So are they aware bahawa they have responsibility, then they deal with it patiently, carefully and fully concerned. So are they aware they bahawa has a responsibility to its citizens, then they are doing it with full responsibility, trust, professionalism and kecekalan. Thus Muslims will achieve its goals in life with glory, strength, peace and pride. Because Allah has made obligatory to Himself in Sura al-Nahl verse 97, "He will not be a waste reward those who do good" 

After dwell extensively about teacher ethics code in the view of Islamic education, let us close this section with an example or model that ensures that if implemented in earnest and full of perseverance, the people will live happily and individuals and the sets will be living with peace. This model is reflected in the words of Allah are intended, "Say (O Muhammad) let me read what dihararamkan you by your Lord. Ought to do good to both parents. Kill not your children kerana fear poverty, because we who give them and you sustenance. Do you approach matters worse overt and hidden. Do you kill yourself that you killed unless dihararamkan with truth, that God wills to you, hopefully you're intelligent. Do you approach the orphan's property except to better up until he was an adult. Sempumakanlah size and weight with justice. Allah does not burden a person except that disanggupinya. If you say, then do although it is fair to relatives. Complete my promise to God. That is his message to you, hopefully you remember. My ways this really is straight, so follow by you, do you go to other streets you nescaya disintegration of ways. That is his message to you, hopefully you devoted "


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