Study: Women carefree Hard Up Title to Level Up

Study: Women carefree Hard Up Title to Level Up

In the world of work, promotion is the most anticipated. Aside from being a form of meritocracy, also known promotion aims to stimulate a person's productivity.

However, to obtain a promotion is not as easy as that. There are a lot of things into consideration company. Specifically female employees, they tend to get promoted to the top level if you have a dominant trait, firm, and strong-willed.

While the female employees with cheerful or jovial nature it tends to be less get promoted to the top level. This was revealed in a study conducted economists Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM), Germany.

"The lady who looked cheerful considered less able to lead," said study leader, Professor Isabell Welpe as reported by the Daily Mail website.

However, the study also noted that most female employees work hard though also finished top will be difficult because of gender stereotypes or gender.

Without Compromise

The boss lady is considered smart to negotiate, develop strategies and skills to develop a very good network in order to expand the business. But unfortunately, the company wants a boss who really bossy - tough and uncompromising -.

TUM economists conducted a series of scenarios involving employees of various companies. The volunteers were then asked to select potential candidates boss and make a list of qualities and characteristics of each candidate.

Employees who chose female workers as potential candidates see a certain quality, such as negotiation skills, strength in networking and strategy. However, they still prefer men as bosses.


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