Tips on How to Get a Job After Graduation of school

" Tips on How to Get a Job After Graduation of school "

Many of us have encountered students / graduates who have recently graduated high school equivalent forced to wait a long time to get a job, "idle" for a few months.

From a valuation standpoint HR consultant, the leading cause of death of candidates to compete for such jobs due to lack of knowledge and skills in the techniques of interviewing candidates.

It is usually on the mark with a nervous and edgy attitude in the job interview situation, so it will cause the candidate is not focused and not effective in answering the question the interviewer. What's more nervous will cause candidates could not 'sell' themselves to the optimum.
The solution of course is to be calm supported with the ability to communicate, which can be achieved poise after candidates have the knowledge of good interview techniques.
However, as the saying goes, "practice make perfect", one other factor that is important in a job interview situation is front flight hours. Good knowledge of interview techniques, accompanied with practical experience interviewing high, will increase the confidence of candidates.

To achieve all that, following his tips:

1. Have knowledge of the job interview techniques. This article about a book we can get it in bookstores or on the internet. Do not worry about the cost, because a lot of articles on interview techniques can be found for free on the internet.

2. A year before the estimated college / school, applying for a job that interests you, say in a cover letter, that you are currently in college / school, but in the preparation of the thesis / final exams.

3. When applying, if prospective employers (companies) requires the application file to send through the mail, then you should just include a cover letter and Curiculum Vitae (CV) or resume and other information that you think may support your success in the job.

4. For a job or position that does not have to have a special education background, such as doctors, accounting, architect or engineer, then even prospective employers (companies) have entailed educational background does not fit with your educational background, do not be "afraid" to remain apply.

The reason is, for employer firms, educational background requirements customarily simply just a virtue, if there are candidates with different scientific fields but has kopentensi and experience relevant to the job, it will not be a problem.

An example of this is usually a job for a staff of affairs people, although it has been required that in looking for candidates with a background is science communication, it makes you who come from other disciplines please apply only.

Exception when a prospective employer is not a corporation but a government department or agency, they are very strict in this regard, probably due to high demand ssehinga need no restrictions in terms of administration.

5. Strive to have work experience during your college / school, even if only in the form of an ape practice, or part-time jobs, work experience and put it in your CV.

6. Organize activities should also be included when writing a CV, because usually a lot of activity gives organizations maturity in interacting and communicating are certainly in need as well in the working world.


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