Much a company  who necessary employe with high talent.For it,much statement  who do by employ yes for achieve good job.As,search a relation with peole who success with her or him job.Because it,every people must education with high quality. Now,much parent  select best  education for their childs.So, not corious if pay for best education is expensive. But,still much a people with status haven’t  good job.Sometime still much people have a job but not correct with her or him dreams like a peole with dream want be police, but not actual.Maybe her or him be a doctor. 

Now, a company search a employes in my state usually with a test.And usually a people with a best value in a test will achive dream them.Much a people who do a test in the dreams company.All  people who do a test still must filter,usually with a test others.So,still much test for her or him to be a employes with the best talent. Step by step for test must do it by candidate for employes.All it, do a company for a development.Other reason why a company  do a test for a candidate employes is to  a company not stabil or balance with a situation without a development more than if a company low or broke.That are do it as HONDA company or the big company others.

Maybe that are  usually do it for a big company.But,now a little company much do it for a search  candidate employes with a best quality.And after the candidate employes receive with a dream company usually still assignment in the other area not in the center company.For can a assignment in the center of company usually still necessary or need test others.Different with a little a company,usually  not long can assignment in the center company.And this is without a test againt.It is a one of  a much different about a little company and big company.So,if the employes want a can assignment in the center of accompany must have a more talent from the employes others majorly in the big company with system as it.

We must have a more talent for can a good job don’t same with a candidate employers others like specialist about computer exemple can operation Microsoft exel, Microsoft word 2007, Microsoft  acces, Microsoft  power point 2007,Dev C++,or others program.And be a value plus if can  do in the all side.Usually people call it a people with a multitalented.Maybe just one or two  people who have  talent it.But that are can do it  with a cursuss in the place others.

Now,still much a problems in take a employes who do a company.One of example is if  candidat employes is a part from them family usually  give a high value to receive in the company.And this ini do for politic in the take a employes company.This is one step who still not true or false.This is must lose from system select take employes in the company at my state.And still much a step usually do candidate employes in the test to be employer in a dream company.The other step when before  test usually with pay several money to the leader in the company it.This is usually with high value until Rp.10.000.000,-or value other with a more value.This step correct with position in the company.

So, now still much a cheat who do candidat employes for can high position.This is several  step for lose a cheat it:
1.we must honest in the test for a dream company.
2.Government must control candidat employes in the test.
3.The company must give best test for search employes with high quality.
This step for lose a cheat must do it for development company in the state us.And all people must support it.


I am and my group say thanks for all part who help in finishing this assignment.Thanks for Mr.ahmad ridho rojabi,S.Pd,M.pd as my teacher in English language. I hope this assignment can help all part who necessary.And I hope  can be reference for a people others for finishing her or him assignment.


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